Annual Report to 31 March 2015

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Mission in Motion

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It's a matter of Faith -Rev Andrew Norton- White paper

Board of Managers

Church Buildings Update: St Andrews Matamata

Since the presentation of an architectural concept in September 2013, no further action has been taken in regards to the long term planning for our buildings.

Both the Kaimai Presbytery and Church Property Trustees require a 5 Year Strategic Plan for the Life, Worship and Mission of our Parish to be written prior to decisions being made regarding property.  This is the work of Session, and it is a task well worthy of our support and patience as it is a prayerful, time consuming and detailed process.  Once completed, the Board of Managers will assess the Strategic Plan by considering the resourcing need to enable it to happen - this is the point at which we will reconsider our Buildings.

Further Information Regarding Buildings:

The Church Property Trustees issued a newsletter in July 2013 which stated the information to be provided to them upon a Church having a proposal regarding its property.  You will note that it requests the long term plan of the Life, Worship and Mission of the church as a part of this application.

The Kaimai Presbytery issued a "DRAFT Toward a Theology of Property."  To our knowledge this has not come out of draft form.  However, it is worthy reading.  Any property proposal which we develop goes first to Presbytery, and is considered in the light of Presbytery's stance on Property, and the criteria by which they assess the proposal submitted.  Download this document below.


Board of Managers Contacts

Lynley Jobe - Convenor
Jan Bevin - Treasurer
Annette Davidson - Administration
John Townsend - Stock Scheme
Bryan Rawiri - Property
Alan Mayo - St David's Representative
Sandra Hunter - Session Representative
Lisa Stewart - Session Representative
Murray Lambert - Minister